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Building Strawbale


Why Build with Strawbale?

Referred to as sustainable or green building; sustainable because straw is plentiful and usually burned or tilled under each year, and green because it conserves our valuable forests and is a superior non-toxic insulation.

The walls, stuccoed outside and earth plastered inside have an adobe-like feel. They are wide and flexible yet dense and air tight, lending to greater performance in earthquakes and have recently proven to fare better in fire than wood frame structures. Setting fire to a stawbale wall has been compared to lighting a match to a phone book; the density doesn't allow air flow.

One might think rodents would enjoy living in our straw walls. Not so; unlike haybale, there is no food value in strawbale and once again there is no air to breath.

Learn more about strawbale building: sbregistry.greenbuilder.com, or www.strawbuilding.org

We are glad to have chosen John Till of Till Construction, LLC, as our General Contractor. Johns' experience and professionalism is clearly evident. With an eye for detail and finish work, John has successfully led our building project to completion.

Contact John at jt@jtill.flashbyte.us

We are also pleased to have commissioned architect Janet Armstrong Johnston to design our home. Highly talented and detail oriented, Janet is well known in the strawbale building movement. After presenting Janet with our vision, she then delivered beyond our expectations.

It has been our pleasure to have Janets' husband George Armstrong on our construction team. George is an accomplished builder and strawbale craftsman with a talent for innovation and problem solving.

Contact Janet and George at www.strongarmconstruction.com